Break The Ice!

Break all of the ice bricks!  In this game the player moves a paddle left and right along the bottom of the screen.  Break all the bricks on the screen by bouncing the ball off the paddle.  If the ball falls off the bottom of the screen, then you lose a game play.  Some bricks release power-ups when broken - make sure you catch them and use them to break more ice!

Order Up!

Help the waiter catch the food orders in the right sequence by moving side to side-don't catch the wrong dishes!

Shoot for the Stars!

Aim the fireworks at the target that is the same color as the cannon by moving side to side.

Fish Spell

Choose the correct letters to spell the word that is said or match the shape or color pattern. Hold your hand over the snail to hear the word repeated.


Move the bridge up or down to help the ladybugs cross the river. Don't let the mosquitoes cross! Adjust the settings to add two bridges and change the direction.

Feed The Rabbits

Feed the rabbits from the bucket with the corresponding color of the rabbit, using both hands in different directions when two rabbits are the same.

Hungry Frog

Help our hungry frog catch her dinner by pointing her tongue and catching the number of flies reflected on her tummy. Hold your hands over her tummy to reveal the number.

Dig It

Help Timmy the Mole find the right equation that equals the number on Timmy’s belly! Get the number to appear by holding your controller/s over Timmy's belly and follow the path to get to the right equation. Adjust setting to work on different functions.

Cookie Mania

Save the frozen gingerbread men! Warm your hands by the fire
and touch the falling frozen gingerbreads with the matching color. Avoid the frozen witches!

Swinging Monkeys

Hold your controller/s over the Monkeys until they fall. Try to get them all before time runs out!