Swinging Spiders

Hold your hands over the Spiders until they fall. Try to get them all before time runs out!

Fish Spell

Choose the correct letters to spell the word that is said or match the shape or color pattern. Hold your hand over the snail to hear the word repeated.


Move the bridge up or down to help the ladybugs cross the river. Don't let the mosquitoes cross! Adjust the settings to add two bridges and change the direction.

Halloween Telescope

Look through the telescope to spy a Halloween scene through the darkness.
Play I Spy or just take a look around and you'll see haunted houses, kids trick or treating,
witches and more! To enhance motor control skills and visual scanning.

Halloween Memory Cards

Play memory cards; find pairs of pumpkins, haunted houses,
ghosts goblins and other Halloween characters.
To improve memory and attention, and understanding of rules.

Halloween Paint ball

Aim and shoot the witches, vampires, zombies
and other creatures with your paintball gun.
To improve motor accuracy and attention.


Help Timocco get safely to the ground by using your pins to pop the balloons when they light up. Adjust the settings to work on number and quantity skills.

Swinging Monkeys

Hold your controller/s over the Monkeys until they fall. Try to get them all before time runs out!

Hopping Frogs

Hold your controller/s over the frogs until they jump into the water.

Hit the Mole

Move the hammer side to side and up and down to tap the mole on his head and send him back into his burrow.